Hi! I’m Olivia. I’m a Reiki Master, animal communicator, and dog mom. I’m committed to helping you honor yourself and your animal friends (well, more like family, really) through Reiki, sound, and communication. 

Reiki is a gentle way to clear and release what’s been getting in the way of knowing, honoring, and loving ourselves. It’s also a great way to just give ourselves a break—a deeply relaxing, balancing, and healing break. And it’s simple—all we have to do is be open to it. I offer Reiki sessions in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

More recently, I’ve added remote animal communication to my services. If you want to know what your pet is thinking, then sign up now while I’m still offering donation-based readings. (I’ll soon be offering Reiki sessions for pets as well, as well as some pet lovers’ packages.)


Ready to release what’s getting in the way?

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What animal communication clients are saying:

Olivia did a reading for me and my dog Ollive. I was surprised at her accuracy and insight. She is a wonderful reader! Her compassion and sensitivity when reading my Ollive was touching! I’ve noticed since the reading Ollive is calming down more. Like, she realized someone could understand her! I will definitely be connecting with Olivia again soon!
— L.J. L. (person) and Ollive (dog)
This is so cool, thank you so much! So much of this feels spot on.... We had a health scare with her a few weeks ago, and since she’s getting older, I think it’s always on our minds that we won’t have her forever. What a sweet reading!
— Kirsten A. (person) and Sandy (cat)
Thank you so much! This felt really on point and I’m so glad to feel affirmed in her happiness. The whole us meeting her at Barc shelter—my husband and I—it was just like that! And she tried to leave with us when we left after we first met her. So grateful.
— Lauren M. (person) and Ellie (dog)

What Reiki clients are saying:

My first-ever real experience with Reiki was with Olivia, and it was incredible! I had previously only experienced Reiki in a yoga classroom, but pure Reiki with Olivia was everything that I could’ve asked for. After my first Reiki session with Olivia, I felt calm and balanced. I had felt really stressed out and was suffering from insomnia before my session, and afterward, I slept like a baby. I highly recommend Olivia. She is very attentive and will create a session that best suits your needs.
— Jessica S.
I really enjoyed my session with Olivia. From the moment I arrived, I felt relaxed and supported. Olivia took the time to talk me through the treatment and ensure I felt comfortable. The Reiki itself was beautiful, and I left feeling so much more grounded and in tune with myself. Thanks so much for the treatment, I will definitely be rebooking.
— Steph C.