Hi! I’m Olivia, and this is one of my dogs, Milo. I realized that I could communicate intuitively with animals after trying to figure out why he was sometimes pooping indoors. (Turns out it was pretty much because he could, and plus, it got him some more attention.) Since then, I’ve trained, practiced, and successfully connected with many animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses — both living and deceased.

Our pets are trying to communicate with us all the time. If you want to know what’s going on in your lil’ buddy’s mind and soul then I’d be happy to help you find out.

When I communicate with animals, they don’t need to be near me physically. I receive and send information from them through feelings, images, and words. These bits of information come and go through my intuitive channels, which are a bit different from the five senses we’re used to experiencing. I do my best to give you exactly what the animal sends to me. I’ve found that even if something doesn’t make any sense at all to me, it will make perfect sense to you, the pet parent.

Ready to find out what your pet is thinking? The process is simple: Just click on the button below, fill out a request with up to three questions for your pet, pay via my secure checkout, and I’ll connect with them remotely to find out the answers. You’ll get an email with an official report within a week. Please reach out at olivia@reikihealingworksbk.com with any questions, issues, or if you’d prefer to schedule a live or video session (the cost will be different).

I can’t wait to chat with your pet!

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